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Table Runner Heritage


Hand-woven cotton table runner – large size

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Welcome to our Heritage Collection! With our handmade table runner heritage, bring the breeze of the mountains from far away into your home, and enjoy the warm and welcoming colours, while appreciating the old and remote cultures from the other side of the globe.

This table runner is handmade with the most beautiful fabric materials, which are also handmade by  by Thai women, an ethnic group that lives in the mountains of Northern Vietnam.

The beautiful red fabric with fun patterns is genuine vintage fabric from the 60s / 70s  bought in the Dien Bien province of Vietnam. A Thai girl must bring a few yards of cloth to her husband’s family when getting married. This piece of cloth must be handwoven with home-ground and hand-spun yarns, all by herself. The more she brings the more respect she receives from others, as it represents her ability to take care of her own family. The beautiful cloth she makes shows her maturity, diligence, skills and patience – most qualities a husband expects from his wife. The cloth is not used but rather treasured as a keepsake. Sometimes they sell a part of it if they need money for the family, but they would never sell all, as it is believed that keeping this special cloth in the house is just like keeping the wealth and prosperity for the family.

This lovely red cloth is made with home-ground and hand-dyed cotton, then adorned with jacquard-weaving by hand loom with pure silk yarns.

The triangle trims at the two ends are also 70s vintage, taken out from unused skirts of Hmong women, another ethnic group in the Northern Vietnam mountains. These trims show off the beautiful hand-painted patterns, made with a bee wax printing technique using natural dyes from leaves, barks and roots of mountain trees.

This heritage table runner is also lined with hand-woven fabric using home-ground, hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn with natural indigo dye. The stabiliser in between the layers adds to the weight and secures the shape.

It is further adorned with vintage style brass coins and hand-stitched decorative accents.

Limited edition.


Cotton, Hand woven cloth, vintage hand woven cloth


red, indigo


35cm x 213cm

Care instruction

Dry clean or cold hand wash with mild soap. Hang to dry. Iron on the back side.


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