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Salad Serving Set – Black


Serve your seafood salad in style with this set of serving spoon and fork.

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This set of serving spoon and fork is made with seashell and domestic water buffalo in Vietnam.

The ends of their handles still retain the natural shape of the seashells which are beautifully colourful and the handles are gracefully hand carved. The other parts are made of natural black horn from the domestic water buffalo in Vietnam. All are hand polished for a perfectly glossy and shiny surface.

This would make a perfect wedding gift and would be an ideal gift for many other occasions

*No animal is put down just in order to harvest their horn for this product. In Vietnam water buffalo are often the most valuable possession of poor farmers. They are treated as a member of the family: “”The husband ploughs, the wife sows, water buffalo draws the rake” and are friends of the children. Water buffalos mostly die of age after a long and productive life. The horns are then collected and put to good use.


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