Why Bespoke Wall Art?

Embroidery Artist
Embroidery Artist : At Work

Your home is your sanctuary and a comfortable living space that tells your story of and reflects your personality. Wall art can be one of the most important accessories in our home, helping to create a happy and welcoming atmosphere.
With our hand embroidered wall art, images you love and feel connected to can be reproduced in a unique way. Precious memories can be preserved in an authentic fashion, with good quality materials.
Our close connections with leading embroiderers in Vietnam and a host of skilled and experienced art workers means we are confident that we can bring you the best quality embroidery artwork on offer.

Traditional Vietnamese Embroidery

The Flowery Way
The Flowery Way

Hand Embroidery is a traditional Vietnamese handcraft which can be traced back to over 700 years ago. For many years it was extremely popular and the mainstay of many women and young girls’ lives. Girls were expected to grow up knowing how to embroider and used these skills to decorate handkerchiefs, cushion covers and tablecloths.  The tradition was passed from generation to generation who perfected the embroidery techniques. Since the 1960s, hand embroidery painting which is the most complex, difficult and exquisite form of Vietnamese hand embroidery has experienced a growth in demand. From a distance, embroidery paintings look very smooth and mostly true to life with all of its subtle changes of hues and colours mimicked in the work. Up close you will be amazed by the texture created by hundreds of thousands of tiny stitches and how well they are blended together.

Made exclusively by hand, each painting may take anything from a few weeks to a few months to finish, with more demanding works sometimes requiring years to complete. The highly-skilled embroidery artist uses his artistic talent to adjust the lines, shapes and shade of colours to achieve perfect execution of an image, on a roughly sketched piece of cloth. To complete a piece, the artist might have to use up to 500 different types and colours of thread. This is the secret to the liveliness and vibrancy of an embroidery painting.

Having your  embroidery wall art custom made for you

 … is much easier than you might think. Please contact us and let us know what you would like. You may want something we have listed in the bespoke section, but in different size, or with a bit of a change to the colour scheme. We will be happy to make the custom changes for you. You can also send us a favourite photo or any image you would like embroidered and we will discuss all your requirements to make sure your wall art is tailored made to your requirements.
Let’s the exciting journey begin!